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CONTEUR kon•tūr (noun) Storyteller French



Full-service eCommerce Infrastructure + Brand Storytelling Consultant
No matter the size of your story, I can help you tell it the right way. From brand workshopping and definition through story crafting, message presentation and promotion, Conteur Communication can help you make sure you're saying the right thing to the right people so that it sets the stage for future conversations and helps you attain your business goals.



+ communication


Branding and Communication strategy allows you to make decisions that prioritize and maximize your efforts. Together, we can build a strategy (including branding specs, marketing plans, calendars and budgets) custom-built for your business size and goals.  Increasing market share, improving sales, reengaging one-time purchasers and so much more can be attained with a targeted communication strategy that helps grow your business.


+ digital promotion

With your brand defined, storytelling is integral to marketing your products and services. We will work with you to craft your brand voice and tell your story in a way that supports your marketing goals. From websites and logos to email marketing, landing pages and promotional videos, we will create valuable content and show it at the right time on the channels profitable to your business to spread your message and gain market share for your brand.


+ omnichannel


Managing your Omnichannel eCommerce

to create a seamless and delightful user experience for your customers is key to growing your online store and presence. From website aesthetic, inventory truth

and shipping + fulfillment processes to communication + marketing automation

and SEO, we can help you drive qualified traffic and ensure once you get them to your site, they stay, build relationships

and make purchases.


My experience with various-sized brands and agencies has prepared me to help you spread your brand's influence no matter the size of your company or place in your journey. I can help you maximize your budget and efforts and make your customers' experience with your content seamless and delightful.

I can help you speak to your customers in a way that fosters meaningful relationships. My experience spans branding and marketing strategy, where we identify and implement successful marketing activities; Google ad and listing management and social media advertising; where we promote text, graphic and video ads strategically; systems technology; where we can determine what technology will best help you attain your goals such as reviews platform, rewards and referral programming, inventory and shipping technology; website management including Shopify for eCommerce and much more.

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  • Email Marketing

  • Search + Display Advertising

  • Social Media Presence + Advertising

  • Word of Mouth + Affiliate Advertising

  • SEO, Blogging + Content Creation

  • Print Advertising and Press Relations

  • Experiential Advertising/Events

  • Donor Relations + Fundraising

  • + MORE

Turn Table


  • Marketing Plan + KPIs

  • Marketing Calendars + Budgets

  • Websites + eCommerce Websites

  • Omni-Channel Management + Strategy

  • Email Marketing Systems

  • Rewards + Referral Environments

  • Reviews + User-Generated Content Systems

  • Social Media Management Systems

  • Affiliate Management Systems

  • Inventory Management Systems

  • Shipping + Fulfillment Systems

  • Customer Management Systems

Contact Us


Thank you for your message.


This client is a nonprofit for whom I built a website on their desired platform that was rich in content (thanks largely to their photographic abilities) and strong in message delivery. We crafted their message in a way that helps them quickly allow users to understand the value they provide.


Donating and getting involved is easy, and the client loves the website they have.

This project is part of Conteur Communication's value to support the world in which it thrives by gifting one nonprofit a major marking / pr / advertising project per year.

If you know someone who would serve as a great candidate for this year's project, please get in touch!

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